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History Of Charley's Boat Livery

Overhead view of Boat Livery

Charley’s Boat Livery was started in 1972 by Charley and Rose Gass and family. They started the business with a wooden boat launch ramp, 4 rowboats, and a small bait/tackle shop.

While they were getting started many people who came to the place asked if there was a campsite around. This is when they decided to build a campground also. They cleared more land and made campsites. As people visited the livery, many were from Pennsylvania. And to this day, we still have some of the same people coming back time after time.

Eventually, over the years the business expanded and there were more rental boats, a better concrete boat launch ramp was built, larger bait/tackle shop and larger camp areas.

Their son Henry met Heather and in 1994 got married and bought the business. Since then a new larger Bait/Tackle shop was built, 2 daughters were born, 3 rental cabins were built, and a new docking area was dug with a culvert under the driveway connecting it to the old area. It's something to see!

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